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PBM is a China mainland EC(Electronically Commutated) brushless motor manufacturing and technology consulting company offering an extensive range of EC motors, fans and intelligent ventilation solutions for air-moving precisely and constantly with maintenance-free throughout the life cycle of products in last decades.

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At present,hundreds worldwide ventilation, refrigeration, air purification, home appliance, companies from more than fifty countries are adopting PBM EC green-tech motorized fans in their product units and systems.In the future, PBM will provide EC fans and motors to more countries and regions.


PBM provides EC green-tech motorized fans to protect our natural environment and indoor environment and realize sustainable green and clean. PBM's online service team covered most popular EC fan markets to ensure prompt technical support, customized solution consultant requirements and after sales to be engineer’s better choice and to be engineering a better life of customers worldwide.

Core Value

PBM focus on EC fan only and protecting our world with intelligent energy efficient motor and fan solutions are our goal in an attempt to make tomorrow a greener & healthier world.

Core Staff Presentation

Daniel Luo

R&D Manager

  • Be responsible for all technical related work of the company, including drawing design and update, assisting the sales department to follow up customer feedback in time.


PBM Founder

  • In 1976, he was born in Xi’an Shanxi.
  • In 2008, he joined PSC ShenZhen Branch and worked as a General Manager in the branch.
  • In 2011, he founded PBM in Suzhou and has been managing all work in PBM till today.
  • In 2014, He co-founded Blauberg Ventilation Branch in China with Blauberg Ventilation Group.
  • In 2016, he co-founded Blauberg Motoren Branch in China with Blauberg Ventilation Group.

Penny Zhou

Chief Platform Operation Expert

  • Be responsible for the overall operation of Alibaba and MIC stores,which consists of platform search ranking, optimization of products and keywords.
  • Propose the optimization scheme based on the analysis of the platform data and keywords.

Wendy Chen

Chief Training Mentor

  • Be responsible for the establishment of the company's internal training system and the improvement of training contents,offer training to internal trainers and potential talents.

Kristen Zhao

Sales Manager

  • Be responsible for the operation and overall planning of the company's domestic and foreign trade business, managing the company's sales business and leading the company's sales team in market development.

Vicky Zhou

Chief Website Beautifying Professor

  • Be responsible for beautifying the company's official website and online stores, products update and website maintenance in time.

Daniel Luo


Bear Xiong


Penny Zhou


Wendy Chen


Kristen Zhao


Vicky Zhou


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