8 inch Centrifugal Fan, Technical Features Overview

IP44 and IP55 Type, Higher Air Performance with Less Power Consumption

The 8-inch backward curve centrifugal fan is a conventional EC fan with an impeller diameter between 190mm-220mm and is widely used in refrigeration, ventilation, purification and telecommunications cabinets.etc.Technical features:(1) The impeller is made of PA66+GF material, and its blades are usually curved or inclined to increase the power of the gas and have higher pressure and air volume efficiency.(2) The rotor adopts a 7-hole opening design (condensation holes), which can effectively realize the self-cooling of the fan.(3) The motor adopts BMC plastic-coated structure to achieve IP55 waterproof function, which can effectively extend the service life of the fan.(4) The whole machine adopts a compact structure, which can effectively reduce noise and vibration and improve the stability and reliability of the equipment.

8 inch Centrifugal Fans Specification

Impeller Sizes: 8 inch diameter;

Sound Level: 72dB;

Airflow: 945m³/h;

Air Pressure: 1000Pa, equal to 102.1mm H2O;

Power: 170W at motor diameter 72mm.

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