200mm Axial Fan, Technical Features Overview

IP44 and IP55 Type, Low Noise, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

PBM 200mm axial fan is a standard product of PBM. The existing products are divided into EC and DC series. Its working principle is to generate air flow through the impeller to realize the transportation and circulation of gas. The main components of a conventional axial fan are the motor, impeller, grille and outer frame (air guide). The motor is a crucial component of the axial fan, and the impeller is a key component in the fan. It usually consists of multiple blades that rotate counterclockwise (from the direction of the rotor) to generate airflow. The grille and outer frame (wind guide) are the external structures of the fan, usually made of metal materials, and have good protection and wind gathering effects. The characteristic of the 200mm axial fan is that the airflow moves in its axial direction and also has a certain radial flow. It is suitable for applications requiring large flow, low pressure difference and lower noise, such as air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, cooling systems, etc. At present, the main application products of 200mm axial fan are humidifiers, electric heaters, ventilators, mechanical arms and other products for ventilation and heat dissipation.

Axial Flow Fans Specification

Impeller Sizes: 200mm diameter;

Sound Level: from from 60dBA to maximum 68dBA according different rotation speed;

Airflow: maximum to 1,650CMH, Cubic Meter per Hour, equal to approx. 971CFM , Cubic Feet per Minute;

Air Pressure: Maxim to 320Pa, equal to 32.67mm H2O and to 1.29 inches H2O;

Power: Maximum motor input power goes to 115W at motor diameter 72mm.

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