All Set for AHR Expo: PBM's Ready to Showcase Innovation!

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PBM, a leading player in the ventilation technology sector, is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming AHR Expo in the United States. As we eagerly await the grand event, we see it as a pivotal opportunity to showcase our latest products and cutting-edge technologies, unveiling unique innovations in the field of ventilation. This exhibition serves as a crucial platform for us to expand our global market presence, enhance brand influence, and foster collaborations with industry leaders.

Shipment Ready for AHR Expo

On November 7th, we successfully dispatched our cargo from Shanghai to Chicago, demonstrating our commitment to making the AHR Expo a resounding success. The meticulous planning and dedication invested in every step of the process underscore our determination to leave no stone unturned in ensuring excellence.

Featured Products at AHR Expo

This exhibition will highlight a curated selection of our premium products, each designed to meet diverse industry needs:

Dual Inlet Centrifugal Fans:

Characteristics: Quiet operation and robust anti-vibration housing.

Applications: Under-floor ventilation systems, telescopic downdraft hoods, washer-dryers, packaging machinery, environmental protection machinery, and more.

Single Inlet Centrifugal Fans:

Characteristics: Higher air pressure and sturdy anti-vibration housing.

Applications: Clean electrical appliances, ovens and cooktops, dishwashers, decentralized ventilation units, single-room ventilation duct fan units, livestock farming, HVAC independent systems, dehumidifiers, and more.

Duct Fans:

Characteristics: Moving a substantial amount of air under high pressure.

Applications: Underground ventilation, tunnel ventilation, air conditioning systems, industrial manufacturing, and more.

Plug Fans:

Characteristics: One-plug easy-mounting with higher efficiency.

Applications: Ventilating walls, wind walls, dialysis devices, rehabilitation devices, emergency respiratory equipment, laboratory and analytical equipment, climate management systems, petrochemical general machinery, and more.

Cross Flow Fans:

Characteristics: Slim installation height, high air flow rate, and lowest noise.

Applications: Solar heating stove jacket cooling, electronic machines underfloor convectors, heating and cooling room equipment, refrigeration and display cabinets, air conditioning fans, air heaters, electric fireplaces, and more.

Axial Fans:

Characteristics: Quieter, more powerful, and longer lifespan.

Applications: Air conditioning, evaporative condensers, HVAC partial cooling and warming systems, telecom precision air-conditioning units, refrigeration freezer cabinets and units, and more.

Innovative Product Displays

To enhance the viewer experience, we've incorporated electronic display cabinets:

Centrifugal Fan Cabinet:

Showcase different specifications of backward and forward centrifugal fans for customer convenience.

Waterproof Fan Display:

Demonstrates IP55-rated fan waterproof functionality through continuous 24-hour and 360° water testing during PBM fan operation.

Axial Fan Display Cabinet:

Uses Modbus (RS485) for speed control, exhibiting the actual performance of fans at different speeds.

Vertical TV Display:

Plays PBM factory videos, providing a detailed overview of PBM production lines and laboratories, showcasing our company's strength comprehensively.

Rigorous Transportation Safeguards

Our commitment to quality extends to the transportation of our exhibits. We employ comprehensive protective measures, ensuring each product reaches its destination undamaged. Partnering with experienced logistics companies adds an extra layer of assurance that our display cabinets and products will arrive safely and on time.

Final Preparations for AHR Expo

To ensure an optimal exhibition outcome, we have invested significant time and effort in meticulous preparation. Through detailed planning and strategic execution, we are confident that our products will be presented in the best possible condition, captivating every visitor at the refrigeration expo. We eagerly look forward to sharing this exciting exhibition journey with you and showcasing our latest products and technologies.

PBM is eagerly anticipating our meeting at the AHR Expo, where we seek to enhance our brand image and stimulate business growth in the realm of HVACR technology. Join us as we introduce a new chapter in HVACR components!


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