Centrifugal Fan Chronicles: Decoding Design Diversity and Application Mastery

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In the field of industrial air handling and transportation systems, centrifugal fans play a key role. Among them, there are two main types: volute centrifugal fans (commonly known as volute fans) and volute-less centrifugal fans (called insert fans or static pressure box fans), and Radial blower is also one of them. This article delves into the differences between the two and sheds light on their respective design complexities and performance attributes.


1. Origin and naming

Scroll centrifugal fans are named after the unique design features of their vortex housing. In contrast, fans without volutes are considered evolved versions of the original centrifugal fans and are now known as insert fans or plenum fans. Their development histories interact to form a fascinating narrative in the world of centrifugal fans.


2. Design features

The scroll casing fan has the superior design of the scroll casing, which is carefully designed to increase the fan's static pressure head and efficiency in the high-pressure range. In contrast, plug-in fans forego the scroll housing and aim to achieve lower static pressure heads within a specific airflow range, particularly excelling in the low-pressure realm.


3. Fan efficiency

The presence of the scroll housing makes the scroll housing fan more efficient in the high pressure range. However, in some cases, especially in the low pressure range, plug-in fans exhibit superior efficiency.


4. Air volume range

By eliminating the vortex casing, the maximum airflow capability of the insert fan is increased, making it suitable for applications requiring higher airflow.


5. Selection guide

Scroll case fans are suitable for applications with high static pressure requirements, such as air conditioning units and hospital systems. Plug-in fans, on the other hand, are ideal for situations where high efficiency and low noise levels are a priority, such as air conditioning systems and clean rooms.

Scroll case fans and insert fans each have unique design attributes and applications. The choice between them depends on the specific needs and application scenarios. As technology continues to develop, the application prospects of these two fan types in the field of centrifugal fans continue to expand, opening up new ways to enhance air handling and transportation systems.


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