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In the next two months, our company will participate in two important exhibitions, which will not only be a platform to showcase our company's strength, but also create more business opportunities for us. Below are the details of the exhibitions.

The first exhibition:


Time: April 27 to April 30,2023

Location: In Shanghai, China

Booth No.:Hall W1, Stand 1C66

China Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE for short) is sponsored by China Household Electrical Appliances Association. AWE2023 gathers the most influential and technological enterprises and intelligent technology products at home and abroad.

For the first time, PBM will demonstrate the group control and single control functions of cross-flow fans and rack fans, as well as some other innovative products.

The second exhibition:


Time: May 11 to May 13,2023

Location: In Beijing, China

Booth No.: Hall E3, Stand 20C

ISH China & CIHE - China International Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Sanitary Ware and Comfortable Home System Exhibition has developed since 1996 and has become an annual event of the entire HVAC industry chain in Asia and a platform for new product launches for global brands

PBM will showcase the group control and single control functions of cross-flow fans and rack fans, as well as some other innovative products.

PBM products


At both shows we will be showcasing our newest products and we will be happy to present details and features live at the show and let you know what to expect. Below is a list of some of these products.

1. Our latest innovative ventilation technology - a new generation of centrifugal fans. These fans are compact and exceed previous models in terms of efficiency, noise reduction and sustainability. 

backward curved centrifugal fan


2. Learn about our latest products in home appliance technology - cross-flow fans, low noise, high air volume, low back pressure, compact and ultra-thin design, using shockproof rubber mechanical soft connection system, a full range of tangential blowers are available in moisture-proof and waterproof versions, integrated smart EC technology motor, PWM signal and 0~10V analog voltage to regulate power, comply with ErP2015 (Energy Related Products) Directive.

tangential blowers cross flow



3. We have been studying in the design of IP55 waterproof and dustproof series products. PBM waterproof electric fan adopts the leading external motor BMC (bulk/surface plastic composite) overmolded stator, which is used in refrigeration, heating and ventilation applications, industry, products and When used in the system provides a further benefit of longer life.


waterproof ip55 fan


4. Learn more about our newest component - a very quiet axial fan. These new components offer unrivaled performance and expanded application possibilities due to their lower noise levels, greater power and longer life advantages.

axial fan


5. Bracket fan wind wall display, 3*3=9 175mm fans display the advantages of one-plug installation, convenient installation and higher efficiency, to meet customer requirements in ventilation, heating, cooling products or systems.

centrifugal fan with support bracket


6. We display motors with different needs, which can meet the functional needs of 99% of the population, and realize 0~10v debugging. We pursue ultra-low energy consumption fans, and use extremely compact brushless permanent magnet synchronous external rotor motors to drive various aerodynamic optimization. Impeller and scroll casing type and size.

PBM products

The above is the information and exhibits of our two exhibitions. We believe that through these exhibitions, we will achieve fruitful results and inject new vitality and impetus into the company's future development. We will look forward to your visit at the booths.



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