Built-in AC Fan of Air Purifier Is Gradually Replaced by EC Fan

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As we all know, the condition of the earth’s surface water and air is gradually getting worse. The China government takes serious actions to treat water and air pollution. To manage the environmental pollution effectively, it is essential that water treatment and air purification be carried out at the same time.
The AQUATECH CHINA 2016, known as “The world's largest industry environmental exhibition platform” takes place as scheduled at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on 15th-17th June. The exhibition is not only trade shows. The importance of water and air management raised on the exhibition is relevant to our future. People there communicate on technologies and products. From the scene of 7.2H air purification on AQUATECH CHINA 2016, it is necessary to have a thorough introduction of air purification industry.
There are technical equipments for air management like ventilation systems, air purifiers and their necessary parts and materials needed in production, such as ducts, fans and so on. The production and spread of air purifiers is earlier than ventilation systems. The working principle of air purifiers is utilizing fan to suck in indoor air, flowing through filters and electrode materials, and 
release clean air. At earlier time, built-in fans of air purifiers are AC fans. With the competition and development in air purification industry, air purifiers those feature efficient, intelligent, stable and low noise are becoming popular, thus built-in AC fans are gradually replaced by EC fans. PBM Motor and Fan specializes in EC fans and pays close attention to relative industries (On AC and EC motors, there is detailed introduction on FAQ page:


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