PBM Actively Participates in the US Refrigeration Exhibition Assist in the Successful Completion of the Exhibition

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To further enhance PBM's brand image, PBM successfully participated in the US International Refrigeration Exhibition from January 22, 2024 to January 24, 2024. At this exhibition, PBM attracted the attention of many professionals and received positive market feedback with its advanced refrigeration technology, high-quality products, and excellent solutions.

At this exhibition, PBM showcased its rich refrigeration and ventilation product line, including multiple product series such as axial fans, centrifugal fans with support bracke , and tangential blowers. In addition, PBM also highlighted its technological innovation achievements in energy conservation, emission reduction, and intelligence. These breakthrough technologies not only bring higher benefits to customers, but also greatly reduce energy consumption, helping to achieve sustainable development.

During the exhibition period, PBM had in-depth exchanges with domestic and foreign peers, sharing the latest developments and technological trends in the refrigeration industry. Through this exchange, PBM further understood market demand and provided useful references for future product development and market expansion. At the same time, PBM has also showcased the products required by the PBM ventilation and refrigeration industry, enhancing its international reputation. 

At the exhibition site, PBM's booth was packed with people, attracting numerous professionals to come for consultation. They highly praised PBM's product quality and innovation capabilities, and expressed willingness to establish a cooperative relationship with PBM. This exhibition has successfully expanded PBM's domestic and international markets, laying a solid foundation for future development.

The successful participation in this AHR refrigeration exhibition not only enhances the brand image of PBM, but also injects new vitality into the development of China's refrigeration industry. In the future, PBM focus on EC fan only and protecting our world with intelligent energy efficient motor and fan solutions are our goal in an attempt to make tomorrow a greener & Healthier world.

In summary, PBM's outstanding performance at the AHR refrigeration exhibition fully demonstrates the innovative ability and competitiveness of PBM products. In future development, PBM will continue to maintain this momentum by offering an extensive range of EC motors, fans and intelligent ventilation solutions for air-moving precisely and constantly. In addition to achieving results at the exhibition, PBM actively participates in industry exchange and cooperation activities. Through exchanges with international advanced enterprises, PBM continuously draws on international advanced experience and technology, injecting new vitality into its sustainable development.

In terms of product research and development, PBM always adheres to innovation driven approach and continuously launches refrigeration technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights. By increasing R&D investment, PBM has successfully built a high-quality R&D team with full chain R&D capabilities from basic research to application development. This enables PBM to quickly respond to market demand and provide personalized solutions for customers. 

In addition, PBM also places great emphasis on the environmental performance of its products. During the production process, PBM strictly controls the procurement and processing of raw materials to ensure the green and environmentally friendly nature of the products. At the same time, PBM also continuously optimizes product design, improves product energy efficiency, and creates greater value for customers.

Looking ahead to the future, PBM will continue to maintain its innovative spirit and strive to become a leading global provider of refrigeration solutions. By continuously improving our own strength and expanding the international market, we adopt PBM EC green technology electric fans to protect our natural and indoor environment, achieving sustainability, green and cleanliness. We also look forward to meeting in Orlando from February 10 to February 12, 2025.


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