Customized Thermal Controller Card

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PBM Motor and Fan has started production thermal controller card which is customized according customer’s requirements: adjusting fan speed with ambient operating temperature up and down, furthermore, taking advantage of DC brushless motor’s intelligentized control feature from Oct.14th, 2011.
Main parameters of thermal controller card are as follow:
1, Two fans can be controled at a time;
2, Rated Voltage: 24V~48V DC;
3, Operating Voltage: 20V~56V DC;
4, Max Load Current: 5.0A per fan;
5, Fan Start-up Temperature: Adjustable from 25℃ to 30℃;
6, Fan Full-speed Temperature: Adjustable from 35℃ to 40℃;
7, Over Temperature Alarm: Adjustable from 35℃ to 55℃;
8, Tachometer Output: Open collector, 4 pulses/Rev;
9, Alarm Output : Fan failure alarm and over temperature alarm, 5V high-level output when alarm;
10, Digital Display Screen: showing instant ambient operating temperature, fan operating status and speed;
11, Thermal Sensor Lead Wire Length: 800mm;
12, Life Expectance: 50,000 hours.
Note: Above parameters can be adjustable according application requirements. 



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