PBM EC Fan for Air Conditioning

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In most areas of China, August has the hottest summer weather. It is a peak season of domestic air conditioning market demand. Here PBM will talk about applications of EC fan in air conditioning industry.

Air conditioning industry has a broad range-industrial air conditioning, industrial precision air conditioning, residential air conditioning, etc. There are various fan types used in industrial air conditioner and residential air conditioner. High configuration EC fan has low noise, long lifespan, high efficiency but costs a bit more, while AC fan costs less but is not energy effective. For home use, EC fan brings people higher level of comfort. Industrial precision air conditioner is designed for electronic equipment requiring precise temperature control. Precision air conditioner is specialized for electronic equipment room and its operating precision and reliability is much higher than that of common air conditioning equipments. It requires constant temperature and humidity, 24-hour no power off all year round, long lifespan, high efficiency and intelligent core. Having knowing EC fan’s characteristics, it’s responsible to say EC fan meets well these requirements. Moreover, EC fan has different types which almost cover various applications of air conditioners.

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