PBM’s Travel to Xiamen

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As a formal company advocating humane management, PBM holds travel activities per year. With busy work of first half of this year coming to an end, PBM staffs are organized to travel to a beautiful city, Xiamen, on July 2nd and 3rd. There we relax our body and mind, and enjoy cozy life and fascinating scenery.
On the night of July 1st, PBM EC fan Sales and Production Departments fly together to Xiamen Gaoqi Airport. On July 2nd, a local guide leads us on a tour to the Gulangyu Islet, which is known as “Sea Garden” and “Music Town”. Walking along the coastline, we are surrounded by subtropical maritime climate natural scenery. We seek out its different beauty from Suzhou-sunshine and beach, forgetting stressful life and work and being totally relaxed.

On July 3rd, we are guided to Xiamen University, the most beautiful university in China. We feel the university students are full of vivacity and tension, which recall our passion and enterprise when we were a student. We hope we are still full of passion and still have dreams. The next stop after Xiamen University is South Putuo Temple. It was first built during the Tang Dynasty. South Putuo Temple is known as an "ancient temple of a thousand years old". As the main believe in the temple is the Avalokitesvara (she is a buddism godness named Guanyin) and the temple is located in the south of the Putuo hill of Zhoushan (one of the cities in southern part of Zhejiang province), it was named as South Putuo Temple. We meditate and pray for family health and success in work with the pious old man. In the afternoon, we go to Xiangshan International Yacht Club Center for surfing. Eight people ride a sailboat. The surfing takes one and a half hours. We feel the mildness of sea and breeze, embraced by blue sky and white clouds. The last stop is Hulishan Fortress. It is a relic dated back to war years in Qing Dynasty. The whole fort is in a blending style of half bunker and half wall, which bearing both the charms of European building and Ming-Qing Dynasty buildings.

Travel is always tiring but makes people happy. We are exhausted when we return to Suzhou in the morning of July 4th. The boss gives us a day off. PBM Sales Department of EC fan are on duty to handle customer’s inquiries.
Those travel activities promote harmony among colleagues, team cohesion as well as physical and psychological pleasure. Travel gets people relax mind in nature and makes people more open-minded.


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