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I am pleased to inform you that after careful preparation, all the exhibits required for our company's Russia exhibition have been in place! At that time, you can see various ventilation products such as centrifugal fans, through flow fans, bracket fans, volute fans, axial flow fans, etc. Each item has been carefully selected by us, and details can be viewed by clicking on the video:

Location Diagram

The exhibits exhibited at this conference are the result of a profound insight into customer needs and a sensitive grasp of market trends. These exhibits pursue excellence in design and manufacturing, and are also at the forefront in terms of functionality and applications. For example, our centrifugal fan has been praised for its efficient separation effect, providing strong air supply for refrigeration and heating equipment. Our through flow fans are widely used in the fields of air purification and ventilation due to their unique airflow design and low noise characteristics. As for bracket fans and axial fans, they have achieved remarkable results in providing efficient ventilation solutions with their stable and reliable performance. Overall, our exhibits are not only technologically advanced, but also able to meet various needs of the market and customers.

Product Diagram

We firmly believe that these exhibits not only represent our latest technologies and achievements in the field of ventilation products, but also meet the practical needs of different fields and industries. At the exhibition, we will showcase the excellent performance and wide application of these products to exhibitors and visitors through on-site demonstrations and explanations, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of our products and giving everyone a clearer understanding of our products.

In order to facilitate everyone to enter the booth and see the various exhibits clearly, we have adopted an open design in terms of layout. We have set up a large LED screen to display our promotional videos and product introductions, allowing customers to have a more intuitive understanding of our products.

Booth Diagram

This is a rendering of our PBM booth, and we look forward to in-depth communication and cooperation with exhibitors and visitors at the exhibition to jointly explore the development trends and future opportunities in the field of ventilation products. Please pay attention to our booth, and if you have any questions, please contact us online. We will be happy to serve you and look forward to your visit.


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