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A range hood is a device used to remove kitchen fumes and odors, and is usually installed above the wall or ceiling of the kitchen. It mainly exhausts fumes, steam and odors to the outside through extraction and filtration to keep the kitchen air clean.

In daily life, the smooth exhaust of kitchen cooking fume extraction fans in household use directly affects the normal operation of the kitchen, and the reasonable design of kitchen cooking fume extraction fans is a prerequisite for the subsequent installation of cooking fume purification devices. Commonly used kitchen cooking fume extraction fans include axial fans, fan boxes, and centrifugal fans.

The cooking fume extraction fans are usually installed on the upper part of the stove, connected to the power supply of the cooking fume extraction fan, driving the motor, making the fan wheel rotate at high speed, A negative pressure zone is formed within a certain space above the stove, and the indoor oil smoke gas is sucked into the interior of the range hood. The oil smoke gas is filtered through an oil screen for the first oil smoke separation, and then enters the air duct of the range hood. The oil smoke gas is separated for the second time by the rotation of the impeller. The oil smoke in the fan is subjected to centrifugal force, and the oil mist condenses into oil droplets, which are collected through the oil path to the oil cup, The purified flue gas is finally discharged along a fixed path.

New products have made explorations and breakthroughs in technology applications in key technical fields such as energy conservation, intelligent control, recyclable new materials, low-frequency noise reduction, electrical safety, mechanical safety, standby power consumption, complete isolation, Internet of things cloud service system, etc., which are embedded in all aspects of daily life and become an important part of our lives.

On the basis of existing motor and fan technologies, PBM has accumulated a lot,
actively responded to new changes in the home appliance industry, and continuously developed new products for customers.

The Advantage of Range Hood Fan

EC technology can help continuously reduce energy demand and annual operating costs, making it a win-win option for both household appliance manufacturers and users.

  • Save up to 50% electricity (compared to AC fans)

  • Intelligent control

  • Internet of things cloud service

  • Realize stepless speed regulation

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • EC drive technology can achieve up to 90% efficiency


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