EC Fan Application in Household Appliances

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A household appliance is an electrical/mechanical machine which accomplish some household functions, such as cooling/heating , cooking or cleaning.


Common household appliances like air conditioner, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, hand dryer, electric water heater tank, kitchen ventilator, air purifier usually adopts an AC Fan or EC Fan.


For instances:


    Air conditioner outdoor cabinet is equipped with axial fan;

    Vacuum cleaner is equipped with forward curved centrifugal fan;

  Hand dryer is equipped with single inlet blower;

  Kitchen ventilator is equipped with double inlet blower;

  Air purifier is equipped with double inlet blower.


EC fan shall be the first choice for energy saving and noise reduction in home appliances. AC fan will be gradually replaced by EC fan with time passing by. The popularity of EC Fan will be an irresistible trend.

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