Energy Saving Refrigerator with EC Motor

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Refrigeration processes are very common and have significantly improved life quality of many people. And with improvement of life quality, people seek higher standard for refrigeration devices-energy saving.

Many refrigeration processes are non-stop energy consumption, but that doesn’t have to mean energy inefficient.  While refrigerators have to run 24-7, there are ways to maximize on the times when they are using less energy.


When a refrigerator is at the proper temperature, the compressor and condenser shut off, but the evaporator is still running.  As the evaporator motor uses electricity, it produces heat and introduces that heat into the refrigerator.  The temperature in the refrigerator begins to rise and the whole system starts up again.

To maximize the time the compressor and condenser can be off without sacrificing the temperature of your refrigerator, consider retrofitting your current evaporator fan motor with an Electronically Commutated Motor (EC motor) with a controller.

The benefits of EC Motor

· EC Motors consume less energy than SP and PSC motors, which means lower energy bills.

· EC Motors produce less heat than SP and PSC motors, which means the compressor and condenser run less, use less energy, and extend their lifespan.

· EC Motors offer a short ROI.  With the energy saved from less energy consumption by the motor itself and less energy consumption by the system as a whole as a result of lower heat infiltration, annual energy savings are usually at least $100 a year.

· EC Motors have longer life spans and lower maintenance needs, which means lower operation costs.

· EC Motors are typically easy to retrofit.


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