Ventilation Excellence on Display: Explore PBM's Amazing Products at AWE

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We are thrilled to announce that PBM is gearing up for the highly anticipated AWE 2024, taking place from March 14th to March 17th. Join us at Booth W2 2H51 for an immersive experience into the future of ventilation technology, you won't want to miss it!

Exhibition Highlights

Get ready to be amazed right at our booth because there are so many products here that will surprise you! From centrifugal fans to cross flow fans, plug fans, blowers, axial flow fans, and more – each product chosen with care, representing the absolute pinnacle of our latest technologies.



The exhibits we are bringing to AWE 2024 are the result of a profound understanding of customer needs and a keen awareness of market trends. Our products not only pursue excellence in design and manufacturing but also stand at the forefront in terms of functionality and applications.

Take, for instance, our centrifugal fan, praised for its efficient separation effect, delivering a robust air supply for refrigeration and heating equipment. Our cross flow fans, with their unique airflow design and low noise characteristics, find wide applications in air purification and ventilation.Axial flow fans steal the spotlight, achieving remarkable success in providing efficient ventilation solutions with their stable and reliable performance.

Look Forward to Meeting You

Overall, our exhibits are not only technologically advanced but are designed to meet the diverse needs of the market and customers.

We cordially invite everyone to visit Booth W2 2H51 during the AWE 2024. Experience the future of ventilation technology with PBM . See you there!



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