PBM Showcases Cutting-Edge Ventilation Solutions at CLIMATE WORLD EXPO 2024

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We are thrilled to announce that PBM is currently participating in the prestigious CLIMATE WORLD EXPO 2024 in Moscow!Join us at Booth N601 from February 27th to March 1st for an exclusive look at our innovative ventilation products.

Our booth is a treasure trove of ventilation solutions, featuring a range of products including centrifugal fans, cross flow fans, plug fans, blowers, axial flow fans, and more. Each item on display has been meticulously chosen to represent the pinnacle of our latest technologies and achievements in the field.


On the first day of PBM, it garnered significant attention from numerous customers. The event site witnessed a continuous influx of customers eager to inquire about our products. Some of them are old customers who trust and look forward to our products. Some are new customers who, after some understanding, have developed a strong interest in our products. Our sales team warmly welcomed each customer, providing detailed introductions to the product's features, advantages, and application scenarios, ensuring everyone gained a deeper understanding of our offerings.

In the face of increasingly intense market competition, we recognize that continuous innovation and improved product quality are essential to gaining and maintaining customer trust and support. Consequently, we are committed to escalating research and development investments, striving to enhance the technical content and practicality of our products to meet customer needs. Concurrently, we will continually elevate the professional competence of our employees, build an efficient and professional sales team, and deliver better-quality services to our valued customers.

We are confident that our exhibits not only showcase technological advancements but also cater to the practical needs of diverse industries. From on-site demonstrations to detailed explanations, our team will provide insights into the exceptional performance and wide applications of our products.

By participating in CLIMATE WORLD EXPO 2024, we aim to foster a comprehensive understanding of our offerings among exhibitors and visitors. Our products are designed to meet the evolving needs of various fields, and we look forward to sharing our expertise to contribute to the success of your projects.

Visit us at Booth N601, and let us illuminate your understanding of ventilation technology. PBM is committed to excellence, and we can't wait to showcase our products that redefine industry standards.

See you at CLIMATE WORLD EXPO 2024!



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