Notice of 2017 Chinese New Year Holiday

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The annual Chinese traditional grand festival-Spring Festival is coming once again. Migrant workers are prepared to go home for the reunion, especially factory workers. “Xiaonian”, festival on the 23rd or 24th of the 12th month of the lunar year, when sacrifices are made to the kitchen god, falls on 20th and 21st Jan. this year. The factory workers has gone home one after another to catch up “Xiaonian”. In order not to cause any delay on your work process, please kindly refer to PBM holiday notice below. Please feel free to contact PBM sales person for a better arrangement of your work.


Public holidays: January 27th - February 2nd

Chinese New Year's Eve: January 27th

Chinese New Year: January 28th (Lunar January 1st)


PBM holidays: January 25th - February 2nd

PBM adjusts the weekends on January 21st and 22nd to January 25th and 26th so that the workers can go home a little bit earlier. Please get in contact with PBM sales person for any inquiry freely from January 21st to 24th.


There are quite some foreign friends, who still do not know China’s Spring Festival very well. The British BBC took a good word-of-mouth documentary, namely “Chinese New Year”, also known as “The Biggest Celebration on Earth” -- Section One "Home", Section Two "Reunion", Section Three "Celebration" ... The documentary has a comparatively objective presentation of traditions of Chinese New Year. PBM would like to invite you to celebrate Spring Festival together, like the two lovely old men did, if you are interested.


Here, PBM wishes all friends a happy new year in advance. Wish you will be more healthy, enjoy happy family and everything goes well.

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