EC Fan with Variable Speed Controls

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When PBM Motor and Fan describes their range of EC fan, it stands for Electronically Commutated fan with a brushless DC motor.


Compared with basic DC motor, EC motor control is more accurate with the mechanical commutation been replaced by electronic circuitry. EachPBM EC Motor is equipped with sophisticated on-board Voltage Conversion Circuitry that converts AC power input DC power to the motor, and it is this current that control the fan speed.


As the motor itself is now actually powered by DC input, we can now incorporate the standard DC Motor functionality that would not be available with a standard AC powered unit. The speed control can be realized simply by connecting a sensor of 0-10VDC/PWM input to provide closed loop control; it is also possible to provide variable speed control by connecting a potentiometer.


The biggest benefit of EC fan is PWM Speed Control or Analog Speed Control. It allows the User to vary the RPM of the motor to whatever speed is needed by his system and reduce power consumption. And with Tachometer Out Signal is provided, the User can monitor the performance of the motor.


EC fans, and by extension the full range of EC air moving devices manufactured by PBM Motor and Fan, will see on average a drop in power consumption of at least 30 per cent over an equivalent conventional AC powered unit.

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