PBM Adds New webpage-Application Scopes of EC fan

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PBM has supported lots of EC fan application cases all over the world since 2005. With a good quality also competitive price, our fans have been widely used in many industries. For example, ventilation, electronics cooling, air conditioning and etc.
Last week, to bring oversea customers better online experience, PBM modified website structure, adding a new page of application scopes on the basis of summarizing EC fan application cases from customers. The content is edited according to functions of PBM EC fans and customers’ purposes. The diversified application scopes enrich the content of the page, which customers can make a good reference to when they are selecting fans.
The application scopes are broad while the website page is restricted, so PBM only select 8 fields. If you are not in one of the 8 fields and not sure which model can be used, you can feel free to inquire PBM sales representatives, e-mail address is on page The sales person will reply you at earliest time. You can view product details and general price not only on PBM website, but also on alibaba and made-in-china. Store links are & 

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