PBM Leads You to Learn About Alibaba’s Trade Assurance Service

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International trade is based on mutual trust. In most cases, when a company is seeking a new business partner in the international market, they cannot judge the other side’s credibility from general information. Many E-commerce platforms make business easier and their guarantees reduce risks. Alibaba Group provides many possibilities of cooperation for many companies.
Alibaba International Station provides Trade Assurance service. PBM first involvement in Alibaba’s Trade Assurance Agreement dates back to early 2015. Many old customers process their purchase via e-mails. On one hand, they do not know much about this website; on the other hand, they trust PBM. Alibaba’s Trade Assurance service is a good choice for new customers who are interested in doing business with PBM. The payment of Trade Assurance order is transmitted to bank account specified by Alibaba first. Ali will confirm the payment to seller’s account when order is completed without any problem.
There are several ways of judging if a company has been involved in Alibaba’s Trade Assurance Agreement.
1.        If you know a company’s name, you search On the upper right corner of home page, there is Trade Assurance logo.

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