Unveiling PBM's Expanded Horizon: A Look Inside Our New Warehouse

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PBM MOTOR AND FAN (SUZHOU) CO., LTD, located in Suzhou, China, boasts a sprawling 12,000 square meter facility dedicated to fan and motor manufacturing. Equipped with modern production lines and a robust workforce, we deliver exceptional products. Our extensive portfolio features over 1,000 products across 5 categories, serving a global network spanning 115 countries and regions. A team of 10 dedicated engineers provides invaluable technical support, ensuring production excellence.

Expanding to Meet Growing Need

We're thrilled to announce the addition of a brand new warehouse to accommodate our burgeoning inventory. This dedicated facility will serve as a central storage hub for all our materials and finished fans. By stockpiling a significant volume of motor and fan accessories, we guarantee a steady supply of raw materials and maintain consistent quality throughout the production process. Our unwavering commitment to quality is further emphasized by strict adherence to the advanced ISO9001 quality management system. This ensures every product surpasses the highest quality standards.

Strategic Location for Logistics

The new warehouse enjoys a prime location at No.2 Zhujie, Weiting Town, Suzhou Industrial Park. This strategic placement offers unparalleled access to major transportation routes, streamlining logistics operations for maximum efficiency. Furthermore, the warehouse's proximity to the elevated highway translates to effortless entry and exit for trucks, minimizing transportation times and costs.

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With a vast 2000 square meter space, our new warehouse provides ample room to accommodate our ever-expanding product range. The primary purpose of this facility is the standardized storage of raw materials and finished products, ensuring timely delivery of our signature EC Fans to our valued customers.

Modern Amenities for Enhanced Operations

The warehouse boasts cutting-edge storage facilities and robust security systems. PBM has also implemented a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to elevate production efficiency and quality levels. This translates to a secure and meticulously organized environment for all our products.

Gearing Up for the Future

As we look towards 2024, PBM is committed to continuous product diversification. The introduction of new product lines, including a comprehensive fan range, ERV systems, dehumidifiers, and exhaust fans, is on the horizon. This strategic expansion necessitates ample storage space, and our new warehouse is well-equipped to accommodate this growth and cater to the evolving needs of our company.

We are confident that this new infrastructure will empower us to effectively address customer requirements while offering unparalleled flexibility and product choices. PBM remains dedicated to EC Fan technology, providing eco-friendly EC motors that promote a sustainable and healthy environment. Our global online service team caters to the most popular EC fan markets, guaranteeing prompt technical support, customized solutions, and exceptional after-sales service. This commitment positions PBM as the engineer's preferred choice, fostering a better quality of life for our customers worldwide.


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