What Determines the Price of Centrifugal Fan?

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Do you have a purchase demand for Centrifugal fan? Before deciding to buy, it is essential to understand the factors that affect the price of Centrifugal fan.

The Centrifugal fan is a fluid machine which converts mechanical energy into gas pressure energy and is used to transport gas.air enters the impeller in an axial direction and is discharged at the impeller outer periphery.  The air flow moves along the centrifugal direction.

The PBM centrifugal fans feature two distinct blade types: backward curved and forward curved.  The backward curved blades, when equipped with a bracket, are commonly referred to as plug fans or bracket fans.  On the other hand, the forward curved blades, when integrated with a snail blower, are known as single inlet blowers and dual inlet blowers. This versatile range of blade types offers a variety of options for different industrial and commercial applications.

PBM Centrifugal fan has the characteristics of higher Air Performance,less power consumption and smooth rotation, and is widely used in Ventilation industry,HVAC,purification,new energy,heating,cold storage,IT,household electric appliance and other industry.

Influencing Factors of Price

Prices for PBM Centrifugal fans range from a few dozen dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Analyzing its cost and quotation is of great significance to both buyers and investors. In general, the price of Centrifugal fan has an inseparable relationship with its air volume, static pressure, material, brand and additional functions.

  1. Air volume and air pressure

Under the condition of the same static pressure, the larger the air volume, the higher the price of Centrifugal fan. In the same case of the same air volume, the higher the static pressure of the Centrifugal fan, the higher the price.

  1. Material

The commonly used materials of Centrifugal fan include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, fiberglass,plastic and so on. Among them, carbon steel has the lowest price, but its strength and corrosion resistance are poor. plastic have a better streamlined design,PA+GF material significantly improve the mechanical properties, thermal stability and wear resistance of nylon materials but the price is higher.

  1. Brand

Large brands of Centrifugal fan because of high investment in research and development and advertising costs, its price is often higher. In recent years, the production technology of Centrifugal fan has become mature, and most Centrifugal fans in the market have a serious premium. PBM focuses on product development and technology upgrading, can provide the most affordable Centrifugal fan.

  1. Special Customization

The additional functions of the Centrifugal fan will also affect the price, such as custom blade shape,explosion-proof, high temperature, intelligent control system, variable frequency speed regulating device, etc. These functions will increase the price of the fan. However, these additional features can often improve the performance of the fan, save energy and reduce consumption, which can bring more benefits and cost savings in the long run.

Final Offer

When buying a centrifugal fan, it is not enough to just focus on the cost of the product. The calculation method of the final quotation sheet of Centrifugal fan is complex and usually includes the following aspects.

  • Product cost: This is the price of the centrifugal fan fan itself, which varies according to the brand, performance, specifications and other factors of the fan. Product cost includes material cost, labor cost, equipment cost, energy cost and many other aspects. PBM engaged in lean manufacturing for two consecutive years, improving production efficiency and reducing costs by eliminating waste and redundancy. 
  • Packaging cost: In order to ensure that the centrifugal fan flow fan is not damaged during transportation, the manufacturer or distributor needs to properly package the product. Packaging costs vary depending on the packaging material and the method used.
  • Transportation cost: The centrifugal fan flow fan needs to pay transportation costs during the transportation process from the manufacturer or distributor to the buyer. The cost of transport depends on factors such as distance travelled, mode of transport (such as land, sea or air) and cargo insurance
  • Policy factors: Tax policies vary from country to country, and the additional costs caused by a series of tax issues such as tariffs, value-added tax and consumption tax are also quite high. This leads to significant differences in the selling price of the same fan in different countries.

Centrifugal fan Shopping guide

After understanding the factors that affect the price of Centrifugal fan, here are some guidelines for purchasing Centrifugal fan to help consumers make a more informed decision when choosing:

1. Clear usage requirements

Before purchasing the Centrifugal fan, it is first necessary to clarify the use requirements. Determine the required air volume, air pressure, power and other parameters, and select the appropriate type of fan based on the application scenario. For example, in industrial production, it is necessary to consider the process requirements, operating environment and other factors to choose the appropriate Centrifugal fan.

2. Refer to relevant standards

Choose Centrifugal fan that meets national or industry standards to ensure product quality and safety. You can refer to relevant standards and certifications, such as ISO standards, CE certification, etc.

3. Shop around

When choosing Centrifugal fan, it is recommended to compare different brands and models of fans to choose the best cost-effective products. In addition to price, we also need to consider quality, performance, after-sales service and other aspects, and make a final decision after a comprehensive evaluation.

4. Consider long-term relationships

Choose a manufacturer with a good reputation and reputation, establish a long-term cooperative relationship, not only can get better after-sales service, but also can enjoy more concessions and support.

PBM -- Excellent Centrifugal Fan Supplier

PBM is a widely acclaimed Centrifugal fan manufacturer. Based on our extensive experience and expertise, we are committed to producing high quality Centrifugal fan products. Whether it is industrial ventilation, building ventilation or environmental equipment, PBM offers a wide range of product lines to meet every need. Moreover, PBM also has a strong customization service capability, which can provide customized solutions and product designs according to the specific needs of customers. By providing quality after-sales service support, PBM ensures that customers have a satisfactory experience during use. If you have the purchasing needs of Centrifugal fan, PBM can provide you with the best quality products and services.



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