Significant Increase in Consumption of Ventilating EC Fan

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Seventy-one cities of seventeen provinces have suffered heavy haze recently. It leads to short supply of anti-haze mask, air purifier, fresh air system and other anti-haze appliances in the market. PBM sales of EC fans increases accordingly, for example, there are obvious increases in sales of EC Backward Curved Centrifugal fan, EC Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan, EC Blower Single Inlet Fan and EC Axial Fan, which are mostly used in Ventilation Series.


As a manufacturer of high efficiency EC fan, PBM people’s hearts are mixed with happiness and worry-happy with the sales increase and worry about the influence of poorer environment on people’s health. A kind reminder for friends in haze environment-you can equip your houses with air purifier if economic conditions permit and wear high coefficient anti-haze masks when you go outside. Be careful with electrostatic adsorption purifier which produces harmful substances.


Another kind reminder for manufacturer who produces toxic and harmful gases in the production-deal with these toxic and harmful gases properly; recyle and re-emit these gases through air recovery system. Be a true beneficial business man for yourselves and the society. 





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