Successful Conclusion of SEMICON Taiwan2023 Exhibition

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Brand going to sea is an inevitable trend in the era of globalization, in order to further promote the PBM motor brand going to sea and introduce products to different countries and regions, the company participated in the Taiwan Semiconductor Exhibition from September 7 to September 9, hoping to extend the influence of PBM motor to a broader market.

The world's leading annual semiconductor event (SEMICON Taiwan 2023 International Semiconductor Exhibition) was held at the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taiwan, China, with more than 60,000 visitors from home and abroad, breaking through 350,000 visitors, setting a new record and bringing the exhibition to a perfect end.

In this year's semiconductor exhibition, our company exhibited centrifugal fans, axial fans, double air inlet volute fans, single air inlet volute fans, cross-flow fans, bracket fans and other fan samples, which mainly play a role in the semiconductor industry FFU, clean room, clean workshop, air door and so on.

PBM smart and low power consumptions air-moving motorized fans with broaden product and relative accessory portfolio are serving customers at industrial, commercial and domestic ventilations, all kinds of home appliances, HVAC, and automotive industries, telecommunication industries, hygiene industries, etc.. With our rhythm of life is getting faster day by day, more and more warming up life scene accompany cooling down requirements to keep it going on. More than 200 PBM motor and fan products are using in these circumstances even without notice of consumers, because its technical features of silence, reliable, economic operating power consumption, compact size, outstanding quality, maintenance free in entire product life cycle, furthermore degradable raw material of components guarantee earth and water eco-friendly during scrapped process after end of project life cycle.


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